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Love for the Dark


Masked aura, arduous to discern
I wonder what’s darker – the kohl,
or maybe the shadow of yearn
perhaps it’s just your soul…

reminiscing those golden words ‘I Love You
which once set off a beautiful flow
now left with another three, without a clue
let all wash away and just ‘Let me Go

but temptations pull me to doom
eagerly plunging into abyss
knowing it’s my own tomb
still feeling heavenly bliss

I guess that’s how it gonna be
love for the dark – oh yes, that’s me.


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Recent poems

Stories of our Lives


Deep   inside  the  subconscious,   exists  a
secret     place.     Mysterious    lagoon
flowing     calmly    amidst    forest.
We      visit     it    often,      when
the    mortal   world   cease to
make meaning. Etched in
there   forever,
the   stories
of   our
old souls
– entangled
going to sleep,
stepping into dreams
with  a  promise  to meet,
in     a    parallel   world.    This
circle completes, when that seed comes
to    life,    bursting     forth     with    energy
sublime,   to    transcend   the    limits  of    time.


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Hour of Summer


The hour of summer begins with
a bottle of beer in my patio.
The sweltering heat thaws the
feel of winter weaved into the
atmosphere. Budding flowers
reminiscent of the feeling of
warmth that makes its way into
my heart.

Sipping on brewski, welcoming the
sun, I know it’s you sending me
love, wrapped in these shining rays.
I wonder, like all worldly things,
these days too shall pass, like the
misty drops on the bottle, that
originate and fumes into nothing.


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Words Unspoken


Like the dunes of sand
my thoughts flow wild
carefree in uncharted land
awaiting to be reconciled

they have questions long ignored
only assumptions, as nothing was ever said
they reach out, to be adored
but nothing moves, all seems dead

with every changing season
never did an answer came
I am looking for a reason
how to keep it burning – this flame

just then, a twinge reminds me of something broken
and I try (hard), hoping to discern the words – unspoken.



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Line Credits   : “With every changing season, I am looking for a reason”
                                      from  Sanaa Rizvi’s “Looking for a Reason

For Real Toads prompt :  Poems In April – The Tuesday Platform
Over at the toads, Sanaa offers the opportunity to pick a favorite phrase, a word, a line or two from our fellow poet’s poem and create a masterpiece of our own.

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Soliloquy of Passion


Lost in myself, I entered the club
crowded, loud music and dim lights
drunk figures swaying all around
as the night is drawn in
complex cavern of my mind
making my way through, couldn’t find a nice spot

why I came here, what was the essence
maybe I wanted to get rid of some thought

it envelopes the soul, the music
the ambience, as I try to erase the pain
to relinquish an arduous past
emulating the beats to heart
wandering around, still on my own
across the crowd, our eyes met

surrounded by many, she seemed to be well known
her treacherous smile, a weapon I bet

that enthralling gaze was hard
to evade. a word not uttered
but the intentions made clear.
and the flawless fingers moved
skillfully, gesturing the directions
seductively suggesting, there’s much to explore

losing control, kissing senses goodbye
bounded in spell, I followed her indoor

mesmerizing, there she stood
lustrous hair…such radiant eyes
her contour pulsating the nerves
enclosing within both heaven and hell
bewitched, I moved closer, trying
to decipher the words unsaid

the brain rebelled, you must leave
unable to resist – I closed the curtains instead.


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For Real Toads prompt : Poems In April – A L’ Arora

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Recent poems

After midnight


At night when the world is asleep
and darkness hinders the sight
a voice in my head starts to creep
with horde of questions, emerging to bite

flashing memories of gone days
multitude of what if’s, starts to grin
a virtual warzone, all set ablaze
wondering – tonight, which side will win?

will hatred triumph this very moment
or love will prevail, yet another time
struggling amidst these facets – potent
heed not devil nor his crime

consoling myself, pushing the doubts aside
one more night – I calm the beast raging inside.


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Monologue of a soul’s desire


Myriad desires unspoken
sheathed in ceaseless ache
with breathings broken
longing evermore, at nights remain awake

someday dreams will be manifested
and prayers realized
yearning heart will feel rested
which once was love deprived

the hour of smelting noon
when the sun is ochre
wouldn’t let me resign
and settle for mediocre

seeking one divine, for I know I am cursed
– no ordinary love will quench this perennial thirst.


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Thoughts as melting snow


Tiny droplets transforming into snow
preserving the memories inside
gliding fearlessly with the flow
settling silently as they subside

in enclosed crystallized world
allowing consciousness to be alive
waiting patiently to be unfurled
soon the moment will arrive

these memories will be thawed
when the sun will shine again
forgetting all that has been flawed
love will bloom and reign

Forget not faith oh hold that grip tight
Unlike heavens not all days are sunny and bright.


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