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Soliloquy of Passion


Lost in myself, I entered the club
crowded, loud music and dim lights
drunk figures swaying all around
as the night is drawn in
complex cavern of my mind
making my way through, couldn’t find a nice spot

why I came here, what was the essence
maybe I wanted to get rid of some thought

it envelopes the soul, the music
the ambience, as I try to erase the pain
to relinquish an arduous past
emulating the beats to heart
wandering around, still on my own
across the crowd, our eyes met

surrounded by many, she seemed to be well known
her treacherous smile, a weapon I bet

that enthralling gaze was hard
to evade. a word not uttered
but the intentions made clear.
and the flawless fingers moved
skillfully, gesturing the directions
seductively suggesting, there’s much to explore

losing control, kissing senses goodbye
bounded in spell, I followed her indoor

mesmerizing, there she stood
lustrous hair…such radiant eyes
her contour pulsating the nerves
enclosing within both heaven and hell
bewitched, I moved closer, trying
to decipher the words unsaid

the brain rebelled, you must leave
unable to resist – I closed the curtains instead.


Photo Credits : Pinterest

For Real Toads prompt : Poems In April – A L’ Arora

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