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While    I     silently     go     insane,     their    salt
has     turned     into    sugar.    Happy    with
new  partner, they  laugh at me.  Those
grinning  eyes,  they  keep  asking
me  questions –  where is  she,
for whom you betrayed
us.              Everyday
they  grill  me –
my     ex


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Recent poems

The death ride


April – to some is a time of exuberance and bliss as winter transitions into spring. But death is the blindfold that awaits unassuming souls. A car zooming on freeway oblivious of what lies ahead – a lone trailer that loomed at a distance. From that distance, it appeared the trailer was moving slowly but it turned out to be standing still.

Leaving no room for reflexes, in a split second, the car rammed into the unknowing trailer. The windshield shattered like dandelions blown into the wind. Death lingered wanting to devour in its clutches unaware that this one was shielded by unseen.

death in the air
looking for another victim
on a hapless night


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After midnight


At night when the world is asleep
and darkness hinders the sight
a voice in my head starts to creep
with horde of questions, emerging to bite

flashing memories of gone days
multitude of what if’s, starts to grin
a virtual warzone, all set ablaze
wondering – tonight, which side will win?

will hatred triumph this very moment
or love will prevail, yet another time
struggling amidst these facets – potent
heed not devil nor his crime

consoling myself, pushing the doubts aside
one more night – I calm the beast raging inside.


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Monologue of a soul’s desire


Myriad desires unspoken
sheathed in ceaseless ache
with breathings broken
longing evermore, at nights remain awake

someday dreams will be manifested
and prayers realized
yearning heart will feel rested
which once was love deprived

the hour of smelting noon
when the sun is ochre
wouldn’t let me resign
and settle for mediocre

seeking one divine, for I know I am cursed
– no ordinary love will quench this perennial thirst.


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Illusions of time


Does time exist? Is it real or just an illusion?

Let’s look at this –
There are so many time zones across regions. Does this mean, one region is living in past, other in present and yet another in future? If we are talking from one region to someone in another – does this mean, we are talking to someone in past or future? If time exists, then the answer to these questions should be ‘Yes’. That would also mean, we are already doing the time travel (sort of) in our day to day life. But is that so? No.

So, what is it then?
Time depends on the positioning and perspective of the observer. It is imagery of the observer’s perspective. This would also mean – past, present and future are merely terms and nothing more. They all exists in parallel – the perspective of the observer defines them.

How to define time?
It can be said that time exists or is there when we look at it from a reference framework. For us, in the limitations of this world (including the governing principles of this physical world) – time is there as a measure, defining the happening of events. Since, we are confined to this framework, we measure with regard to time, marking the events – thus categorizing our past, present and future. These events which are happening, we can experience and see them, thereby forming our reality. What we see in our day to day life in this physical world – forms our version of reality. For another observer this version could be different.

However, if we move beyond and start looking at it from the multiverse viewpoint – there are no partitions of time. There is only one present moment – everything existing in parallel to one another. So, in the concept of multiverse, time is just an illusion created to regulate the events of physical world. And beyond all this, for Multiverse, there are no versions – everything was, is and will be there.


Past to some – future to others
in the multiverse – context matters
magic of universe – arduous to comprehend
but the illusions of time – I do understand.



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Thoughts as melting snow


Tiny droplets transforming into snow
preserving the memories inside
gliding fearlessly with the flow
settling silently as they subside

in enclosed crystallized world
allowing consciousness to be alive
waiting patiently to be unfurled
soon the moment will arrive

these memories will be thawed
when the sun will shine again
forgetting all that has been flawed
love will bloom and reign

Forget not faith oh hold that grip tight
Unlike heavens not all days are sunny and bright.


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The hallowing of pain


Do you love me Pain ? I thought we parted ways
but I know you are around
though partly obscured – I can sense the gaze
awaiting the moment to sneak and pound

when tides start turning in my favor
instantly you start conspiring
not for a moment do you waver
piercing inside like a drill whirring

when gloomy skies just start turning clear
you step in lurking precariously
from arcane alcove you always appear
scathing, stinging venomously

why do you keep coming back – I asked, irked
to spare you another heartbreak – pain smirked.


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The birth of Quantum


Till late 19th century, Classical Physics was the norm.
To give it some measure, we can say classical physics is at atom level or larger.
It mainly deals with macroscopic world. Everything is calculated and experimented. The results can be predicted accurately (given that we have complete knowledge of the system beforehand). It also has a specific framework – one for particles and the other for waves.
Newton’s laws of motion are a perfect example of classical physics.

However, there were too many questions that classical physics could not answer.
Wave-Particle duality could arguably be the most talked about. It explains that particles can have wave like characteristics and vice versa.
For e.g. – Light acts like a wave if we look at how it travels. At the same time, it acts like a particle, when we try to describe how it interacts with matter.

Towards the end of 19th Century, Max Planck published his study, black-body radiation. His experiments demonstrated that energy, in certain situations, can exhibit characteristics of physical matter. Till this time, as per classical physics, energy had a wave framework. Planck’s theory showed that energy is made up of particle-like components, known as “quantum.” The theory helped to resolve several unexplained phenomenons for e.g. the heat behavior in solids. This discovery marked the birth of Quantum Physics and later other scientists (Einstein, Niels and so on) helped to make further advancements in it.

So, what is Quantum Physics all about? Why is it so important?
To put it simply, quantum physics deals with microscopic world. And, in the quantum world, particles can be in two states at the same time. All these particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) are the very smallest of things in nature. If we break down everything – it is all about these minute particles. We too are made up of it. Anything that happens in one small particle – effects the system (as a whole). If we can understand how it works – we can understand everything.

And, the irony –
We keep talking about bigger things, the discoveries of new planets and related stuff, but we have not succeeded yet to understand clearly, how the universe functions at the smallest level.
Black holes, Quantum entanglement – a lot has been talked on these but only in theories. We are not even close to understanding it completely.

No doubt, the universe is vast and beyond our imagination, but open to explore.
May be the answers are all lying there in the space – may be in some secret hideout – may be waiting for us to ask the right questions !


This is just a glimpse, there is so much more than this. I encourage you to go ahead – read, learn and explore. And, when you can uncover the mysteries and explain them in simple words – there will be a Nobel Prize waiting for you !


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