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I am an SAP professional, managing global teams and projects. I love to learn new technologies and keep myself updated.

Being a physics major, I was always inclined towards science (physics in particular). This led me to learn and explore various aspects of it. With time, observations, understanding and several experiences, I am now fixated to ‘Multiverse’ and ‘Quantum Physics’.

‘Multiverse’ is very close to my heart and thus the title of my page too. For me, it is a source of abundant knowledge – open to explore and understand the real meaning of life. I write articles on these topics based on my learning and understanding (or ignorance). Poems on the other hand – happen to me when words talk to me.

Both, writing poems and articles, helps me to pen down my thoughts and share with everyone – my take on the observations made.

When I am doing nothing of the above, I am mostly travelling, reading books or lost in my thoughts. I live in Copenhagen (Denmark) – love the atmosphere and multicultural environment. And of course, I do take time out and party with family and friends 🙂

I invite you to have a look around my page and share your thoughts.

Connect with me:

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