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Stories of our Lives


Deep   inside  the  subconscious,   exists  a
secret     place.     Mysterious    lagoon
flowing     calmly    amidst    forest.
We      visit     it    often,      when
the    mortal   world   cease to
make meaning. Etched in
there   forever,
the   stories
of   our
old souls
– entangled
going to sleep,
stepping into dreams
with  a  promise  to meet,
in     a    parallel   world.    This
circle completes, when that seed comes
to    life,    bursting     forth     with    energy
sublime,   to    transcend   the    limits  of    time.


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30 thoughts on “Stories of our Lives”

  1. I like very much the idea of this secret place inside the subconscious. Sometimes it is good or necessary to travel there, deep within oneself. I like the idea that eventually what is in the subconscious springs to life. I enjoyed the philosophy in this and its presentation.


  2. This is beautiful!💜 I feel that one’s subconscious acts as a safe haven when wordly woes become too much to bear. Especially love; “a promise  to meet, in a parallel world.”💜


  3. This is very beautiful. I love it on so many levels……”etched in there forever, the stories of our lives”….and two old souls with a promise to meet in a parallel world. Totally cool!


  4. A good place to delve and be renewed bringing forth fresh and new perspectives as we return to surface reality

    Happy Sunday Neeraj. Thank you for dropping by my blog today.



  5. kaykuala

    A secret place inside is a necessary convenience to support one’s process of thought. A savior in times of crisis! Thoughtful take Neeraj!



  6. A beautiful message.

    I am reminded that my late husband, Andrew, could never bring back the memory of what happened in his meditations – but in group meditations, it often happened that some of us “saw” him, usually as a child playing outdoors in nature, one time with a little dog!


  7. hummmm…..”the limits of time.” I wonder, are you talking about “forever,” “never,” “always,” or just a “few more minutes?”


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