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Hour of Summer


The hour of summer begins with
a bottle of beer in my patio.
The sweltering heat thaws the
feel of winter weaved into the
atmosphere. Budding flowers
reminiscent of the feeling of
warmth that makes its way into
my heart.

Sipping on brewski, welcoming the
sun, I know it’s you sending me
love, wrapped in these shining rays.
I wonder, like all worldly things,
these days too shall pass, like the
misty drops on the bottle, that
originate and fumes into nothing.


Photo Credits : wallhere

29 thoughts on “Hour of Summer”

  1. This is beautifully evocative. The closing lines hit hard as a hammer and paint emotions fiery as the blazing sky!πŸ’œ


  2. This starts so deliciously soothing–full of summer and yummy tastes and things abloom… But goodness, that ending is sad. Not the actual feelings… But knowing that the speaker might not be able to fully embrace the happiness of the moment, while wondering about what ifs…


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