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Words Unspoken


Like the dunes of sand
my thoughts flow wild
carefree in uncharted land
awaiting to be reconciled

they have questions long ignored
only assumptions, as nothing was ever said
they reach out, to be adored
but nothing moves, all seems dead

with every changing season
never did an answer came
I am looking for a reason
how to keep it burning – this flame

just then, a twinge reminds me of something broken
and I try (hard), hoping to discern the words – unspoken.



Photo Credits : Redbubble

Line Credits   : “With every changing season, I am looking for a reason”
                                      from  Sanaa Rizvi’s “Looking for a Reason

For Real Toads prompt :  Poems In April – The Tuesday Platform
Over at the toads, Sanaa offers the opportunity to pick a favorite phrase, a word, a line or two from our fellow poet’s poem and create a masterpiece of our own.

22 thoughts on “Words Unspoken”

  1. One thing with dunes of sand, sometimes they expose something left behind a long time ago – covered for years and years and suddenly they are there for all to see. Perhaps memories are like this as well… (as well as answers to questions)


  2. Beautiful words and thoughts Neeraj and I agree with Rosemary, probably best to stop looking for reasons, lest you become lost, a single grain in that desert of sand.
    Anna :o]


  3. I love how beautifully you blended in that phrase into this gem of a poem!😊 We strive our entire lives to keep the flame alive.. and burning well 💜
    Thank you for this poem.. I am truly honored!


  4. Sometimes it feels right to ask questions and ponder the answers, but, as others have said, it can turn us back around sometimes.I like your last lines
    ” just then, a twinge reminds me of something broken and I try (hard), hoping to discern the words – unspoken.” Perhaps that twinge will set this person free,,


  5. I can see them, those words reaching out, looking for their sentences, wanting to become what they are meant to be, not quite finding their voice. There is such sadness in their eyes, their hands almost limp… almost touching the speaker… almost…


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