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Eternal Wait


The dawn breaks in
with the alarm
….. but I wait

life goes on, such set routine
even machines feel vulnerable
….. and I wait

a hushed prayer follows
though nothing changes
….. smiling, I wait

it seems like eternity with
no beginning or end
….. patiently, I wait

the spring has arrived
soon all will be green
….. yet, I have to wait

a blue butterfly circling around
trying to pass a secret message
….. a good omen, I shall wait

when stars above have aligned
and swirl of doubts diminished
when trust has gained steady
ground, in that moment divine
– like magic it will finally appear.
….. until then, I must wait !


Photo Credits :Β  Pinterest

For Real Toads prompt : Poems in April – Waiting For…

25 thoughts on “Eternal Wait”

  1. Such striking imagery in this one, Neeraj! 😊 Especially love; “a hushed prayer follows though nothing changes … smiling, I wait.” Beautifully executed.πŸ’œ


  2. A peaceful, patient wait. Neeeraj..The varied repetition emphasizes this – and the verb ;smiling’.
    And I love the stars and magic of the final stanza.


  3. Hiya Neeraj! Thanks for posting to my prompt! I really like you use the passage of time and answer back of the narrator to show patience and calm. The effect is hypnotic. Well done and viva la!


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