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At nights, I get thoughts alike
mysterious place feeling homelike
quietly always makes me aware
that invisible someone is out there
profusely, I have touched that frame
and experienced the warm embrace
rendezvoused in dreams, following routine
this crave of mine – pursues that unseen.


Photo Credits : Pixabay

16 thoughts on “Unseen”

  1. Love the photo, love the idea of facing the night, experiencing, pursuing the unseen.
    Apologies for late reading of OLN….just returned from Bermuda so catching up. Don’t know if I’ve seen you post at dVerse before? Could be my lapse of memory due to sudden assault of cold and fickle spring in Boston as compared to the beatufiul waters and sunshine of Bermuda! πŸ™‚ At any rate, glad to see you here and enjoyed the post!


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