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The death ride


April – to some is a time of exuberance and bliss as winter transitions into spring. But death is the blindfold that awaits unassuming souls. A car zooming on freeway oblivious of what lies ahead – a lone trailer that loomed at a distance. From that distance, it appeared the trailer was moving slowly but it turned out to be standing still.

Leaving no room for reflexes, in a split second, the car rammed into the unknowing trailer. The windshield shattered like dandelions blown into the wind. Death lingered wanting to devour in its clutches unaware that this one was shielded by unseen.

death in the air
looking for another victim
on a hapless night


Photo Credits : Baltana

16 thoughts on “The death ride”

  1. Oh, Neeraj, this is seriously terrifying. The dandelion line brings up all kinds of ideas–the sharpness of the pieces, shatter wishes, things that will never bloom since seeds don’t sprout in ice…


  2. Spring is reckless and wild — and so deadly. All of the males in my clan who died young did so at the high tide of spring in Florida. You stay with those flying intents after Death has plucked them from the wreckage.


  3. It pains me to imagine that you actually went through this horrifying experience, Neeraj! Love the poignancy with which this poem is penned.


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