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After midnight


At night when the world is asleep
and darkness hinders the sight
a voice in my head starts to creep
with horde of questions, emerging to bite

flashing memories of gone days
multitude of what if’s, starts to grin
a virtual warzone, all set ablaze
wondering – tonight, which side will win?

will hatred triumph this very moment
or love will prevail, yet another time
struggling amidst these facets – potent
heed not devil nor his crime

consoling myself, pushing the doubts aside
one more night – I calm the beast raging inside.


Photo Credits : WikiArt

40 thoughts on “After midnight”

  1. This is so incredibly powerful!πŸ’ž One goes through a world of pain to calm the ‘beast raging inside’ and in the end it’s our inner light that shuts out the realm of darkness πŸ™‚


  2. The moon effects the state of sleep. People tend to dream vividly at certain times according to the phases of the moon. Drown the raging beast inside with hot chocolate milk….you will sleep soundly:)


  3. how disturbing our nights can be when battling such thoughts – well written as can feel the tension in these lines


  4. This is SOOOO GOOOD! This night, one night at a time. And that last couplet spells victory.

    (On a side note, it seems one night as a beast might be OK, too. I don’t know. It is better to survive sometimes than to express ourselves.)


  5. i was thinking of video games when reading your poem because sometimes after some intense action on the console, the sleeping mind becomes a ‘virtual warzone’. No really, we do not know what trigger these emotions sometimes. In the past i have tried to take control of it and write a poem but most of it are too surreal. πŸ™‚


  6. How the night makes vivid the raging beast inside us, and sleep is elusive. We do tend to dwell on the ‘what if’ then and wage a war (inside us) of what is difficult or impossible to change.
    We need, even if we don’t want,these internal battles – for only then can we find some peace of mind.
    Thank you for making me think.
    Anna :o]


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