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Monologue of a soul’s desire


Myriad desires unspoken
sheathed in ceaseless ache
with breathings broken
longing evermore, at nights remain awake

someday dreams will be manifested
and prayers realized
yearning heart will feel rested
which once was love deprived

the hour of smelting noon
when the sun is ochre
wouldn’t let me resign
and settle for mediocre

seeking one divine, for I know I am cursed
– no ordinary love will quench this perennial thirst.


Photo Credits : Pinterest

30 thoughts on “Monologue of a soul’s desire”

  1. Love this!πŸ’– You capture wonderfully the desire for passion and companionship that goes beyond physical attraction. Especially adore; “yearning heart will feel rested which once was love deprived”… May it be so!πŸ’–


  2. AH, I do think one should strive for the ‘extraordinary love.’ The one that is deeper than passion, the one that fills one’s yearnings. Beautiful poetry!


  3. Like your writing and relate very much to what you are saying here Neeraj – my first time visit here, I think? I will be back for more… Regards


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