Illusions of time


Does time exist? Is it real or just an illusion?

Let’s look at this –
There are so many time zones across regions. Does this mean, one region is living in past, other in present and yet another in future? If we are talking from one region to someone in another – does this mean, we are talking to someone in past or future? If time exists, then the answer to these questions should be ‘Yes’. That would also mean, we are already doing the time travel (sort of) in our day to day life. But is that so? No.

So, what is it then?
Time depends on the positioning and perspective of the observer. It is imagery of the observer’s perspective. This would also mean – past, present and future are merely terms and nothing more. They all exists in parallel – the perspective of the observer defines them.

How to define time?
It can be said that time exists or is there when we look at it from a reference framework. For us, in the limitations of this world (including the governing principles of this physical world) – time is there as a measure, defining the happening of events. Since, we are confined to this framework, we measure with regard to time, marking the events – thus categorizing our past, present and future. These events which are happening, we can experience and see them, thereby forming our reality. What we see in our day to day life in this physical world – forms our version of reality. For another observer this version could be different.

However, if we move beyond and start looking at it from the multiverse viewpoint – there are no partitions of time. There is only one present moment – everything existing in parallel to one another. So, in the concept of multiverse, time is just an illusion created to regulate the events of physical world. And beyond all this, for Multiverse, there are no versions – everything was, is and will be there.


Past to some – future to others
in the multiverse – context matters
magic of universe – arduous to comprehend
but the illusions of time – I do understand.



Photo Credits: Pinterest

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