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Desert – a barren land


As I gazed at the desolated sand dunes
looking for a reason that keeps them alive
what was once a sea – dancing to magical tunes
it is impossible to simply unlive

The memories of someone dear
still evokes the feeling to imitate those waves
why do you create the mirages so clear
reminisces of past – lifelessly raves

I asked, when the night falls in – do you also cry?
a wind passed through the sand grains – revealing a hollow sound
as if, it wanted to speak – but kept looking at the sky
in it’s own pain – it seemed so drowned

Desert – a designated barren land
rarely anyone ever feels the pain it stand.

Recent poems

Pretentious Love


Now you are busy when the room is full
ardently heaping the manipulated praises
being carried away in an enchanting pull

thinking it’s fun – living promiscuously
calling them experiences, to escape the gazes
easily accessible and leaving as quickly

No, you wouldn’t understand now …..first you have to rise above
come to me – when you are tired of these games
until then, spare me your pretentious love.


Photo Credits : Pinterest